A great success breeding our partridges in the wild. This is a clear answer to the eternal question; will farm partridges breed in the wild? Ours will for sure!

 Many of our clients are congratulating us from all over the country for the large number of partridge chicks they have observed in their hunting areas. It seems that the work we have been doing for the last few years, renewing our breeding farms with wild blood, has given its fruits as regards the production of high quality red-legged partridge with optimum hunting value and perfectly adapted to the country, closing the circle of the partridge born in the country. “From wild grandparents to wild grandchildren”.

 Here are several photos of broods, all of some age, having passed the critical period of the first weeks of life, when most of the losses occur.


More than a hundred people, parents and pupils of all ages visited the installations of Grupo Altube in Finca Sta. Rosalía. The expectations of the visit culminated with an unforgettable event for all present, especially the youngest, who saw in situ how the rural environment can create alternatives for work that are totally respectful with the surroundings.

 Pupils and teachers listening to the explanations beside the vineyards that produce our ecological wines.

To keep up the tradition, one more year, on Saturday 14 May we celebrated the traditional feast in honor of the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro Labrador (Isidore the Laborer) on the estate of Santa Rosalía in Vizmalo. The feast started by celebrating mass in the hermitage on the estate, and then went on with a procession and the blessing of the fields and cattle. It drew to a conclusion with a meal at which a variety of products produced and commercialized by the different companies of the Grupo Altube were savoured.



Dear Readers, this month we are going to tell you the story of a dream come true, to which there is nothing to add because there are no words to describe it.

This is a real story. It is the short story of a young woman from Uruguay who is in Spain to make her dream come true, which is no less than competing in the Equestrian Paralympics of London 2012.

Her physical condition would have been an impediment for anyone when it came to undertaking such a difficult project. However, she overcame this with enthusiasm and being keen to work hard, employing all her energies for this dream, which no doubt she is going to achieve.

Alimentos Altube wants to be part of this dream by backing Alfonsina Maldonado by providing “Fandango’s” food and the support of all its technical team.

The first edition of the Hunting, Guns and Nature Fair -EXPOCAZA 2011 was held on April 1st to 3rd in Valencia. There were more than one hundred direct exhibitors in this first edition of the trade show, from all fields in the sector, such as hunting an sporting guns, accessories, art, automobile, cartridges, national and foreign hunting destinations, falconry, cutlery, gastronomy, hunting management, shooting installations, clothes, safaris and taxidermists, among many others.

In this first edition of the trade fair, GRUPO ALTUBE displayed to the public several of the products it has to offer from the different companies in the group.

 Expocaza coincided in time with the Feria del Caballo (Horse Fair) FIECVAL 2011. The almost 50,000 visitors to Fiecval 2011 doubtlessly enjoyed a different and unforgettable experience.
The Horse Fair returned to Valencia, from March 31st to April 3rd, organised by Precval, the Association of Thoroughbred Spanish Horse Breeders of the Community of Valencia.
The impressive horse spectacles and exhibitions, the elegant classical dressage, Western riding and the star event for horse enthusiasts from all over Europe: The second European Championship of Thoroughbred Spanish horses, among many other activities, offering something for everyone.
Visitors also had the chance to contemplate, and even touch the best thoroughbred examples from different breeders, which were exhibited in the boxes, as well as to enjoy design, painting and photography exhibitions on horse topics and a multitude of commercial offers in the fair.
In addition, visitors to Fiecval 2011 had free entry to Expocaza, held at the same time.



The third event of the 5th Grupo Altube Pony Jumping League 2011, return to Asturias this weekend on March 26th and 27th, to be held in the installations of the Centro Hípico El Formón (Avilés).

This is the first time in the five years that Formón has been chosen to be the venue, thanks partly to the work of the centre regarding pony competitions, becoming in the last few years a reference PONY-CLUB in Spain.


 As in the previous editions, the programme will be divided into the pony categories: A ponies, B ponies, C ponies D and subcategories, as well as open horse competitions for heights of 1.1 m. and 1.2. In two sessions, Saturday and Sunday, beginning at 10 hours and with more than 120 participations on the track. Participated by clubs from the Basque Country, Galicia and Cantabria.

Last March 2nd, 3rd and 4th, the program by TVE “Jara y Sedal” filmed a report on decoy hunting in Finca Malaguilla. Despite the predominantly bad weather, the professionalism of the TV crew, together with the hunters’ and gamekeepers’ skill, enabled them to capture a good number of previously unseen images.

Finca Malaguilla, located in Guadalajara, about 45 minutes from Madrid, enables enthusiasts to experience an authentic decoy hunting paradise. It offers luxury installations. If you are looking for a different experience next season, do not hesitate to book a place. For more information, call “Cotos Compartidos Guadalajara” on the following phone numbers: +34 947263126, +34 690675805 and we will be delighted to attend to your needs.